AR Installation

Experimental book made with cyanotype process & featuring AR technology

MA in Graphic Design, Postgraduate Project – University of Hertfordshire, 2020
Ⓒ Nóra Fanni Zentay

This experimental book uses unconventional design elements and approaches to expand the boundaries of the book as a medium. This is also an Augmented Book (or AR book) which means, that the book features augmented reality (AR) technology.

1. AR Artwork: This AR installation is a music visualisation, it is connected to the cyanotype prints that visualise the sound-waves of music on water.

In the case of an augmented book, the printed pages of the book are expanded by digital/ virtual elements that can be accessed on a smart device. AR technology in a book form allows perception across multiple sensory modalities – like: visual, auditory, haptic – therefore the reader also becomes a viewer and a listener. Thus, the “user” as the recipient becomes part of a journey around the notion of vulnerability through fragments of words, images and sounds in the multimodal senses. Therefore the reader can benefit from the efficient attribute of augmented reality.

2. AR Artwork: This artwork was created by two black and white interwoven layers. Typophoto + experimental video with light and shadowplay

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