‘Dark Sienna’ video art, part of ‘A Quiet Scene’ international audiovisual collaboration by The Eno brothers, online exhibition

Dark Sienna is an experimental video art by Nóra Fanni Zentay, that was shortlisted for the best entry at the ‘Mixing Colours’A Quiet Scene audiovisual public collaboration project by Brian Eno & Roger Eno.

2020 public audio-visual project—A Quiet Scene—created by Deutsche Grammophon and the Eno brothers in 2020 in support of their Mixing Colours album.

The video is featured on the Mixing Colours Project website among the favourite scenes by tracks section.

The online exhibition of the project will remain for the next year at their website.

The video was taken during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.
A dreamlike and metaphorical transformation of an everyday run in the park, as now we see our life and regular activities from a different perspective. The short video invokes a familiar movement, the slow-down of our world as well as distance and isolation.

Audiovisual experiment by Nóra Fanni Zentay

Mixing Colours Project website:

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